Donations Accepted

Q: But why should we donate to your website?

A: Beats the hell out of me. But if you're feeling generous and want to donate money to me, who am I to say no?

Q: What will the money be used for?

A: To pay off my bills. Any money someone decides to donate to me will go directly to paying off tax, credit card, student loan and car loan bills. If you would like your money to go someplace specific, just let me know. I've considered a run for president but that takes a whole lot of money, somehow, I doubt I'll raise that much. For the most part, it'll go to keep my server up.

Q: What do I get for my donation?

A: A warm feeling inside? The feeling that you just gave money to a total stranger for no good reason? A thank you e-mail? And hey, if someone actually donates, I'll list the names on the bottom of this page with a link to their website if they have one.

Q: But don't you make a good living as a former disc jockey, part time rennie and full time network engineer?

A: Life as a network engineer is pretty good, I don't really need your money. There is absolutely NO REASON TO GIVE ME ANYTHING! So far, nobody has. I don't blame you. If I think of a good reason, I'll let you know.

Q: I want to give anyway, how do I donate?

A: Send donations via paypal to