What's Gnu?


Just showing my daughter the old school way in which I update my web page, which I really don't do anymore.

She wants you to know I play Minecraft with her and her brothers


I've given up on trying to maintain a gallery here. I'm just storing photos elsewhere.

There's a decent change I'll stop maintainnig my own server. It's more trouble than it's worth these days. I did get my mail issues resolved.


Since the last time I updated something here, I ported my server from TekTonik to Linode and fixed my gallery.

Starting over with a new server means a new IP address (even IPv6) which also means fun with all kinds of blacklists because VSPs don't seem to be very particular about who they sell their services to. Which means they get large blocks of IPs stuck on blacklists and little ole me is a whitehat guppy in a sea of black hat sharks.

In particular, I can't send anything to outlook.com, live.com, msn.com or hotmail.com. I'm hoping to get this resolved soon. One of these days I should also update my resume.


Way to keep your site updated Seth. Only been 4 years. Clearly nothing intersting has happend. My Gallery is broken but hey, I got married this year and I've got a child on the way. Go me. And the only reason I'm even checking on things is because Google told me my shit was broken.

The reality is, people who really want to keep up with what I'm up to should find me on G+ or Facebook. But since I'm really private about what I post, if you don't know me, there's not much to read. (But really, if you don't know me why are you even here?)

Oh yeah, ITA Software got bought by Google in April, 2011 and I've been working for Google ever since. Heard of them?


It's somewhat sad that the most frequent visitor to my site is the google search bot.


Changed the layout of the page a little. Should be a little more dynamic with regard to page width now. Course, after not updating anything in two years, who's still looking? And I'm no longer in the top 10 for testicle punishining. Imagine my disappointment.


Yeah, more than a year between any real updates. The site is kind of a mess as I move from one server to another. The Gallery page has had a major overhaul with an upgrade do version 2 of Gallery. I updated some pages with more current information. I probably need to do a complete site overhaul soon.


First update of 2006. Been a while. Firstly, I have a new job working at ITA Software. I like it. Started the second week of May.

Secondly, new page on the site. Random Crap I've collected from the Internet over the years that has made me laugh.


Okay, weirdest thing someone searched for to get to my website has to be testicle punishing. I shit you not. And I'm on the first freakin' page! It took someone to my Pope page.


Added a photo gallery. I've had one kind of hidden for a while but now I'm using Gallery so check out my Photo Gallery. Not a lot there right now, moving things from the hidden photo gallery.


Learn about the Seth for Pope Campaign.


Changed the name of the "work" section to "Geek for Hire". Added information with regard to private contract and consulting for personal and business computers.


Paginated the "About Me" section.


Created a job profile page and a link to my resume.


History in Radio has been updated and adapted to multiple pages for easier viewing.

And while I'm at it, there's info about my Ren Faire history as well.


Decided to put up an explination of what the hell route-fu is. It's really dopey when I think about it. Also started to create a menu and this news page. Most recently added the "about me" and a page on my history in radio.


Decided to start the whole page over from scratch today. The old website is no longer available as of 2005-04-26.