Interning at B101

My first opportunity came from B101, an oldies station in Providence, RI. B101 I was an intern for the program director. I learned a lot about scheudling music, production and how to make things work on the air. I got to be a voice in two commercials and I learned how to be a remote engineer. I also was Buzzy the Bee once. I went to concerts and events and had a great time. I also wasn't getting paid (most of the time). And the skill of mine they were using most was my inate computer skills. Years after leaving, the PD would ask me back in to fix computers and related problems, for a fee of course.

I eventually left B101 for my first paying gig as a board operator at WADK's AM station in Newport, RI. I worked Sundays for WADK and still did occasional work for B101. I was not long for this job as it was boring and I was learning little about radio. But I was getting paid and I was getting things on my radio.

Turning it into a career